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  • "Tai Cheong Bakery " opened in 1954 in Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong. Well-known Dessert Chef Mr. Au Yeung created the first Cookies Egg Tarts and Deep Fried Pastry with his personal efforts and fresh-baked every day. It won the award for “The best Egg Tart in Hong Kong”, The Hong Kong Last Governor Mr. Chris Patten ( Pang Ting Hong) appreciated Cookies Egg Tart very much. Tai Cheong Bakery has experienced over 5 decades and went through many important milestones with Hong Kong people. From tradition to innovation, from Chinese to Western, Tai Cheong Bakery integrates various elements, such as skilled craft, creative mind and passion to develop a variety of pastries and cakes. In the coming future, Tai Cheong Bakery will continue to provide the best for Hong Kong people and expand at mainland market so that more people can enjoy Hong Kong style’s cakes.