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  • In order to let gourmets to taste the nostalgic cuisines once again, Tao Heung proudly presents the brand new theme restaurant - Chung's Cuisine. With Chef's innovative ideas and dexterous skills, many native delicacies, that is, Cantonese cuisine together with some northern dishes, regain life from the new cooking method at Chung's Cuisine. While tasting the native cuisines, customers can at the same time experience Chung's Cuisine's unique style of traditional cuisine with modern cooking method. It is always our aspiration that every customer would have a delightful and comfortable visit at Chung's Cuisine.

    "Chung's Cuisine" adopts the open kitchen style which is seldom seen in the traditional Chinese restaurants. This brand new concept allows the customers to witness the marvelous technique of the chefs' at a closer encounter. It can also bring the customers closer to Chung's Cuisine. Customers can experience the fusion of Western and Chinese cooking specialty through the design of open kitchen. The blending with Chinese and Western restaurants style of the interior decoration in Chung’s Cuisine, features the convergence of at home and abroad styles.